The ECB Cricket Factory is designed to give children, young people and adults a positive and fun experience that will encourage them to take up the sport, and provide them all with information relating to where they can go on to play and watch cricket in the future.
Throughout the year the ECB Cricket Factory Roadshow visits more than 50 high-profile events including major Retail Centres, Air Shows and County Festivals.

The Tour Rig provides a platform to allow participants to perform a variety of cricket activities and challenge all of the core skills: batting, bowling, throwing, catching and cricket related movement.

Supported by local ECB coaches, all the activities can be accessed by all the participants (including the parents!) and each challenge can be modified to suit each individuals level of skill or cricket experience.

The ECB Cricket Factory Tour is a public demonstration of the ECB Long Term Athlete Development process giving young people the opportunity to experience the game at the right level for their particular skill, providing a positive learning process from the Playground to the Test Arena.

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