Summer Camps featuring Cricket Factory

Summer Camps were aimed at 7 to 12 year olds, based on FUN with quality running through as the priority. The camps were 2 days long, an extensive time for youngsters to remain switched on and a challenge for us as a CCB to hit!
As a CCB we will use the equipment in a variety of settings, from Primary Schools, Clubs, Parks (community settings), and at District and County Coaching courses.

Without a doubt the Cricket Factory equipment helped us to achieve this. An example of this is after a quick demonstration using the CF gear by the coaches, the children were left to explore what could be done. They came up with several games (thought up by themselves), communicated the ‘rules’ with each other and developed their skills. The gear is very adaptable, easy to set up and pack away.

For further information please contact:

Bob Simpson, County Development Manager
Office: 01539 560066