ECB Cricket Factory Roadshow visits Town Centre

“The ECB Cricket Factory Roadshow arrived in Herefordshire’s City centre in a blaze of sunshine. Being used as the vehicle for launching Herefordshire Cricket Board’s new ‘Cricket in the City’ programme; the Roadshow gave the initiative some real kudos and momentum.

With a good cross section of coaches representing the HCB and the experienced crew of the Roadshow team, the kids that passed through had an experience that has since seen numbers steadily creep up in the respective inner city Clubs targeted by the scheme. Any impact on this growth is valuable and there is no doubt that the Roadshow had a direct input into this.”

Glyn Harrhy, Herefordshire Cricket Development Officer

Chance 2 Shine National Cricket Day at St Paul’s Primary School

“Following the success of the Roadshow the HCB supported St Paul’s C of E Primary school in their C2S National Cricket Day, using the Cricket Factory Fundamental Skills Set. A proactive school, within the City, St Paul’s were delighted to be involved. Four different Cricket Stations were set up in the playground and all the houses competed accumulating a total score that counted towards a National Cricket Day House Winner. The year groups ranged from 3 -6 with girls and boys being included.

The real strength of the Skills Set was proven when the teachers using it were able to adapt the equipment to suit the needs of the children with ease. With no real experience in cricket or P.E. they were able to understand and even modify the games to not only suit but to challenge. We had to be careful to check it all back into the bags as the teachers particularly took a shine to it!”

Glyn Harrhy, Herefordshire Cricket Development Officer

County Cricket Board Update

“Because of the flexibility of the equipment we have been able to go from year 3 Primary School kids to County U14 squad players, who now know the equipment as regular part of the warm up on match day. From generic fielding warm ups to personal bowling and batting targets, the Set has become an integral component of their preparation. With it we are able to provide a service that is bright, flexible, recognisable, but most of all exceptionally practical. The bags fit in the car and can be broken down to what you need. The Herefordshire Cricket Board Coaching Team would endorse this Skills set at any opportunity.

As a coach, personally I have always looked at trying to be innovative and keeping things fresh. This has been in the past difficult to do, whether it has been the expense of new kit or bodging together old bits to try and suit. The sheer nature of the makeup of the Skills Set means that you can go from a simple set up to an intricate piece for an individual’s needs in a 1-2-1 situation. New ideas come to you the more you use it. I believe this is going to become a major part of any forward thinking coaches tools.”

Glyn Harrhy, Herefordshire Cricket Development Officer

For further information please contact:

Glyn Harrhy, Herefordshire Cricket Development Officer
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