2016 Cricket Factory Full Core Skills Set

Cricket Factory Core Skills Set

The Cricket Factory equipment allows participants of all ages and all abilities to perform a variety of cricket activities and challenge all the key skills: batting, bowling, throwing, catching and cricket related movements. You can purchase the Cricket Factory equipment to help transform your club, school or community cricket practice sessions into something new, exciting and different!

Drill Points

The set of Drill Points can be used in a wide range of individual or small group activities to practice movement, throwing and receiving skills. Watch our video examples of Drill Points activities.

Product Code: FE – CKT001

Target Tunnel

A Focus Target Barrier for use in fielding or batting activities. Watch our video examples of Target Tunnel activities.

Product Code: FE – CKT002

Mini Slip Net

A low rebound net for individual or small group throwing and catching activities. Watch our video examples of Mini Slip Net activities.

Product Code: FE – CKT003

Action Target

The Visual Flash feature on the pair of Action Targets is for use in throwing and striking activities. Watch our video examples of Action Target activities.

Product Code: FE – CKT004

Drill Cube

The Drill Cube is a multi-functional skill station featuring stumps, target circle, rebound net and tunnel space. It can be used to explore all the key core skills of cricket. Watch our video examples of Drill Cube activities.

Product Code: FE – CKT006

Core Skills Set

The complete Core Skills Set allows for the creation of a multi skills circuit of activity in the indoor or outdoor based learning environment. Watch our video examples of Core Skills Set activities.

Product Code: FE – CKT007

Richard Halsall, England Fielding Coach

The England Cricket Team use elements of the Cricket Factory Core Skill Sets because they allow us to conduct fun and flexible fielding exercises. The Skill Sets can be used not only in a structured environment to suit the needs of the individual, but also in a manner that promotes creativity amongst the participants.


Cricket Factory AllRounder

3 in One – Action Stumps, Rebound Net and Hi-vis single stump Target.

The AllRounder can be used to practice all the key core skills of cricket both inside and outside. As with all Cricket Factory equipment it’s robust design makes it tough and durable enabling you to take it anywhere.

It folds completely flat for ease of storage.

Product Code: FE – CKT009


Action Stumps

A set of stumps for use in the indoor or outdoor based learning environment.  Combine this with the Drill Points to improve your bowling line.

Rebound Net

A rebound net for individual or small group throwing and catching activities. Use it up close for quick, rapid catching or from a distance to develop reaction to direction of the ball bouncing back.

Hi-vis Single Stump

A single hi-vis stump to practice bowling accuracy.  Use this for a more defined target for fielding practice.