County Cricket club Update

First Impressions

It’s impressive, it looks great, and I am sure children will be captivated by it. What we love about the equipment is, it comes in 2 handy bags, which are fairly easy to move and transported, all equipment can be wiped down, and it’s easily to assemble.

The equipment will be used in the following ways:-

As a Promotional Tool

Its first outing will be at the NatWest CricketForce National Showcase at Gedling Colliery CC on Saturday 27th March 2010.

It will continue to be used as part of our Roadshow commitments across the County throughout the summer, these include the Rushcliffe Show, Newark County Show, and Cricket in Square the Old Market Square Nottingham City.

We see over 2,500 children throughout our promotional roadshows, the equipment will be a great asset to our portfolio of offers throughout the days.

Mass participation / General Public events are difficult to plan for, particularly segregating children into skill levels and age groups, the beauty of the fundamentals equipment is it will meet the needs of all young people in a fun and interactive manner.

Our Local Authority partners host a number of promotional events and festivals across the County, these tend to be ‘ family days’, we support a number of these across the County, the Cricket Factory equipment will be a great asset to our offer.

Children & Young People

We host a number of schools cricket festivals, throughout the summer months. 3,000 children will benefit from the equipment throughout these events.

Young People with Disabilities
We have an ambitious programme to work across the County with children with disabilities. I see the equipment being a great tool for children with disabilities to take part and be included in curricular coaching either within mainstream schools or special schools.

Assemblies and School Visits
Our professional players, Academy and Emerging players are used to promote cricket through school assemblies and as part of our ‘Cricket in the Community’ Programme, the Fundamentals Sets will be a good way to promote cricket to children who have had no or little experience of it.

Professional Development of Coaching Staff

Coach Education & Leadership
All our Community Cricket Coaches and permanent members of Staff are trained through ‘PLAY SPORT’ Fundamentals training (in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council.) The Cricket Factory equipment will be used as a training aid as part of our ongoing commitment to professional development of staff.