The complete Core Skills Set allows for the creation of a multi skills circuit of activity in the indoor or outdoor based learning environment as shown in the examples below.

Product Code: FE – CKT007

Skills Circuit

We took the ECB Cricket Factory Rig and a Bannerzone to the London Soccer Dome to support a corporate family cricket festival featuring the England Squad. The children were given the opportunity to work with the players on all aspects of the game. We were lucky enough to have Mike Yardy work with us throughout the evening on the Cricket Factory Core Skills Set!

Used by England Cricket Team

We were very excited when approached by Richard to supply him with various items of the Cricket Factory for use with the England Squad.

“The England Cricket Team use elements of the ECB Cricket Factory Fundamental Skill Sets because they allow us to conduct fun and flexible fielding exercises. The Skill Sets can be used not only in a structured environment to suit the needs of the individual, but also in a manner that promotes creativity amongst the participants.”

Richard Halsall, England Fielding Coach.