Youth open season on Kampong

Whilst the day started a little chilly, the national season opening for the youth Kampong proved to be a very well attended and successful event.

Led by members of both the men’s and women’s national selection, 70 children started the morning with all kinds of different exercises through a circuit of six activity stations, using the popular Cricket Factory equipment.

Coaching the young people were: Mudassar Bukhari, Pieter Seelaar and Stephan Myburgh of the men’s team, and Miranda Suspension Meier, Hannah Hofman, Clare Crewdson and Sasa Bruning of the national women’s selection. After the morning session and lunch, the children got to ask the internationals present questions in a press conference style. One of the favourites of the day was to Bukhi, ‘have you ever hit someone in the crowd with a ball?” The young person had obviously watched Bukhi hit the ball for 6 on many occasion.

In the afternoon the group was split into old and young, and matches were played fanatically.

The Dutch youth cricket is ready for summer, with the competition starting Sunday, May 5th!

Cricket Factory during the Youth Cricket Day at MOP Cricket Club

20 kids, aged 7 to 12 years old, and 12 parents got the taste of Cricket Factory during the Youth Cricket Day at the MOP Cricket Club. It was a great advert to the game by making the kids and specially their parents realising how fun cricket can be. The tropical weather (33 degrees) didn’t restrain them from taking part in catching, throwing and batting activities with their sheer enthusiasm and energy.

There were lots of encouraging responses from the parents. One of the parents said, “I wanted my son to try out cricket. It seems like a very fun game. I have to confess that now I am more enthusiastic about cricket than my son. I think I am joining the men’s team at the club.”

With the temperature soaring the day ended with kids and some of the parents taking part in a water-fight to cool them up.

Cricket Factory Equipment used at first Sky Cricket Broadcast from Mainland Europe

The “Cricket Factory” Equipment was put to great use by the development officers, Subir and Hanna in Holland. They set up the equipment at the VRA ground in Amsterdam during the CB40 game between Netherlands and Gloucestershire.

Children and parents took part throughout the day with the children really enjoying one of their first cricketing experiences.

Cricket Factory Equipment Presented to KNCB

The “Cricket Factory” Equipment was presented to the KNCB (Royal Netherlands Cricket Board) by Cricket Factory and Factory Eleven and will be a feature in the new KNCB Youth Plan.

The KNCB has received two sets of ‘Cricket Factory’, which will be used by the Regional Development Officers Subir Shrestha and Hannah Hoffman, within the current coaching program for schools and clubs, and other national and regional activities.

The ‘Cricket Factory’ Equipment Range is specifically designed to help children and adults in a positive and enjoyable way to get acquainted with cricket, so they can be encouraged to pick up the Core Skills of the sport.

With the visually impactful equipment, participants can become acquainted with all facets of Cricket: bowling, batting, throwing, catching. All activities can be adapted to the individual skill level of the participants.

The Programme also enables organizations to inform the participants about where they can play and watch cricket.

The KNCB expect to utilise the ‘Cricket Factory’ at more than fifty activities and events with the “KNCB Road Show” in the coming year, with summer camps, school programs, introductory clinics for sports teachers, other clinics, open days and cricket tournaments.

The ‘Cricket Factory’ will also be a feature at the broadcast by Sky Sports of the CB40 match between Netherlands and Gloucestershire on July 27 at the VRA.

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