Austrian Cricketers Developing Cricket in Corporate World

The event which was visited by 700 employees and family members of all ages, had more than 20 different sports to try out and tried to attract more members, so cricket had a tough challenge.

Simply attracting the visitors was the easy bit, the challenge was involving them in playing cricket, for this they used Cricket Factory’s ‘Mini slip net’ and ‘Drill cube’ which were the perfect sets for kids to start with for fun.

Without knowing the goal, they started catching, throwing at target, hitting stumps and getting warmed up and without any initial involvement of coaches. Followed by bringing the new cricketers onto the pitch and hitting the ball or bowling at the wood work became an easier task as a basic understanding was already developed. It became a real family game with real competitiveness and all round fun. More than 250 people played cricket actively which was a huge participation ratio.


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